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We are proud to announce the expansion of our sample library with the HSM Sample Library, a virtual instrument designed for high-quality orchestral arrangements. HSM is a virtual instrument developed for creating authentic orchestral arrangements by covering an extensive range of instruments and voices that you can control with a computer keyboard. The HSM Sample Library features an incredible set of instruments from the baroque to the modern day and provides a wide variety of instruments in great detail. The software comes with a software sound engine that can be used as a standalone instrument or also as the sound engine for the HSM sample library. The HSM Sample Library can be used with any DAW. Because it is based on an extensive synthesizer, it is an instrument that can easily be used on its own, or in combination with an existing software sound engine. The software offers a lot of potential for a wide variety of professional productions. HSM features a unique and original interface design, which makes working with the instrument easy and fun. As a synthesizer, it is equipped with an extensive effects engine, offering you a wide variety of tools and effects to shape your orchestral arrangements to your wishes. The HSM Sample Library features instruments from the baroque period such as the Clarinet, Posaune, Cornet and Bassoon to the modern day, such as the Guitar, Trumpet, Saxophone and Wind Instruments. On top of that, the library comes with a diverse variety of instruments for the strings and brass: the Strings and Brass, Vibraphone, Organ, Brass Oom-pah and Synth Brass. The HSM Sample Library is also the first sample library to combine the Cellioren, Baroque and Organ instruments from our Vienna Symphonic Library into one instrument. Now you can experiment with a wide variety of articulations and harmonics, combined with cello and organ sounds. The HSM Sample Library offers you even more unique instruments, such as the tuned percussion, strings and brass instruments. When you want to add a lot of interesting orchestral sounds to your productions, then you have found the right instrument. The sample library offers a wide variety of articulations and timbres and also offers a unique 16-voice synth engine that can be used as an instrument. The HSM sample library offers you a wide variety of effects and includes 5 string and brass effects. The HSM Sample Library is a complete orchestral




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Download Vienna Symphonic Library Torrents - KickassTorrents

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